Thursday, March 4, 2010

Velan Illam - at present, took photos during measurements of the house!!!!

these are photos taken during measurements for the basic present plan which murali sir asked.
hope this looks are improved amazingly as i have imagined and we can have a great house to live on....
and illl for sure upload the photos for copraision after we finish the project!!!
this is the front view of the house!!!

this is the front view and dad wants the elevation to be as far as possible to remain the same!!!!
  entrance Gate and wall in front

this is the view from the front Gate!!!

this is the front garden!!! and it shows the OFFICE in the Front too!!!

 other view of front garden
front view with office and compound.............
 this is a extension build recently by dad.the side view of the house!!! 
this above  pic shows the back extension of temp kitchen at present and the exterior toilet

this is the temporary kitchen at the back!! interior view 

this is the side steps to the terrace

Dad's Room Now Hall
This is Dinning and stairs  to top floor.... i want some great changes here and i want that horse statue there to be utilized............... we have to make this stairs to look a lot better than being simply covered up....... coz lot of hard work was put  up during its construction esp by the carpenter...... the handrails was of a single TEAK WOOD TREE from our FARM>
pooja room

Room for Grand ma's

 this is a OTS between the above two rooms.
have to do a lot of stuffs here!!!!

this is the rent houses we have at our sideby site!! 
gonna put them down and convert the whole area full of lawn and gardening...........
shopswell thats it!!!!!
and this pic shows other entrance for the shops for which we can use for left over shops


  1. getting old memories of visiting trichy... keep updating abt the project da....

  2. sure karthi............. thanx for the comments and do see the blogg archieve have loads of stuffs there