Thursday, February 25, 2010

Arch. Murali.... Chennai- Some of His Great works impressed me.

here i have put up some of  impressive works by Murali Sir,
i think some of these stuffs is wat i have been searching in the internet for ages......... regards to sir for these wonderfull work.....
this house is a Modern Arch. Brilliance, i have visited this place and looks  stunning and believe its in Chennai
Arch. Murali

these are some marvellous stuff of his huge collection of works.... am dreaming of "VELAN ILLAM" should be one of his mile stone........ hope it turns up good..........and thats wat Murali's sir's wish too.............

Monday, February 22, 2010

well it has been a while since i have blogged sorry for the delay!!! here am back with some great bathroom ware and concepts

this is a hand wash stuff with a tank in wall!!! i like the concept of no usage of Tap!!! will definately try to use it somewhere in our house!!!!

well this suits old people so that they can sit and bath!!! a great idea!!!

wow this drawer is amazing but i dont want this flower shapes instead some art work will do good!!!

love the in bath gardening this way will be amazing!!!

love to have such a big one!!!!
another eye catcher
amazing na!!! we can have plants in our 'so called' tap!!!! really amazing!!! the water flows from down to up!!!! i really love it!!!!
amazing stuff!!!!! easy for any mother to bathe her baby!!!!!
another modern faucet!!!! 

  even this is amazing for a bathtub!!! so spacious!!! and good ligghting and great greenery!!!!
and regarding bathtub, a floor level bathtub will be the greatest one

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Exterior Lawn Water Body and Swiming Pool



 this is really nice and may suite our plan a lot!!!!!!! 

 i really like the idea for a privacy purpose in this stuff


most of  the pictures were taken from
sorry this has been a long collection 
but in view of each photos i think we can incorporate something or other in our plans!!!! 
will be posting more phots as i get to!!!! 
than you for ur patients