Monday, February 22, 2010

well it has been a while since i have blogged sorry for the delay!!! here am back with some great bathroom ware and concepts

this is a hand wash stuff with a tank in wall!!! i like the concept of no usage of Tap!!! will definately try to use it somewhere in our house!!!!

well this suits old people so that they can sit and bath!!! a great idea!!!

wow this drawer is amazing but i dont want this flower shapes instead some art work will do good!!!

love the in bath gardening this way will be amazing!!!

love to have such a big one!!!!
another eye catcher
amazing na!!! we can have plants in our 'so called' tap!!!! really amazing!!! the water flows from down to up!!!! i really love it!!!!
amazing stuff!!!!! easy for any mother to bathe her baby!!!!!
another modern faucet!!!! 

  even this is amazing for a bathtub!!! so spacious!!! and good ligghting and great greenery!!!!
and regarding bathtub, a floor level bathtub will be the greatest one


  1. where is this?i mean which outlet

  2. i cant understand ur question balaji???? what u mean by which outlet...... u mean where i got these stuffs or regarding the whole idea????